Coding Period 1: Week 2

Week 2 of our 1st coding period is up, and we have a new repository for our project — MARS!

Yes, MARS“Metrics Automated Release System”, that’s what we came up with :D . CHAOSS to the MARS!

Yes, I designed a logo too :)

Link that will take you to MARS : Currently I’ve only pushed a basic README outline with some general information. The repo is expected to be updated periodically.

In the weekly Monday meeting, we discussed the current scenario and how we were going to continue the project and collaborate on the MARS repo. We made some minor changes in the YML configuration, so it becomes more intuitive to the user. We also decided to automate the creation of various focus areas tex files, which were originally proposed to be maintained separately as a duplicate copy of what we have in the website repo (as in the previous blog). Automating the focus area tex file was a interesting part, since we were picking up the focus areas goal from their READMEs in WG/focus-area/ files, and pulling the metrics names and questions from files. The only prerequisite for the method was standardization of working groups, which is ongoing parallely.

A typical auto-generated focus area tex would look like this —


This syntax also aims to solve the problem of wrapping of tables in PDF as discussed.

While I was working on this part, Yash was busy combining the YML config with the LaTeX tree structure and he successfully replicated the original release that we were having before. We both were able to complete our task on time.

Then, we also discussed some other options about the format of new release and that how we would be handling the translations part. Some inconsistency in the Working Groups were also observed which are proposed to be fixed in next week (probably during the Working Group meetings).