Coding Period 1: Week 3

Week 3 has been a little rough ride for me. This week I got my first vaccine jab of covishield on 23rd June, Wednesday, so as expected I had weakness and was unproductive for 2 days :( OR conversely it was just a peaceful break :D

Yes! Memes are back :D

Nonetheless, this week kicked off with our refreshing weekly mentor mentee google meet. As always it was amazing to share our work progress, getting doubts resolved, etc.

So we discussed things about how to proceed with the translation counterparts of the reports. The M.A.R.S. repo was also revised as we updated our workflow for the project. We decided to remove static focus-areas.tex file from active_user_input, since we were going to auto generate it! And now the yml config file has separate README for it, as an instruction manual.

My main task this week was to automate the creation of focus-areas.tex file, earlier we decided to keep a duplicate copy but that didn’t seem appropriate. So I made a simple template with flags where the focus area goals, the metrics names and question would be replaced, then I simply extracted the same from the respective READMEs. The template and final version looked something like this -

In the 2nd image we can see that the $FOCUS_AREA_NAME and $FOCUS_AREA_GOAL is replaced with appropriate terms.

After this, Yash’s job was to replicate the original PDF release structure that we were having, and he did that beautifully. PDF link

Then we decided to carry on with the process of standardization of Working Group repositories, mainly because of 2 reasons -

  1. These templates and well defined structure would be helpful while introducing a new metric, focus-area or an entire working group
  2. Having a standard structure will ease us in extracting the focus-area goals, metrics names and questions from the READMEs

For now, we have various template for the same and can be found in the governance repo here.

So we planned to attend all the Working Group meetings and propose new changes according to structure since most of them weren’t following it. We prepared a small checklist of items that we need to verify for each Working Group -

A list of checks that need to be verified in all Working Group repos which serves as a prerequisite for the automation process -

High priority :
● Focus-areas READMEs following the template
● Metric markdowns following the metric template
● Atleast 1 \n (newline) between -> 2 images, images + text, images + headings (to solve wrapping problem)
● All images having ![]() format
● All images using relative paths
● No tables in metrics markdowns (use image instead)
● HTML shouldn’t be used in metrics markdowns

Low priority :
● Main README of WG following the template

BUT, as I was inactive due to vaccination, I couldn’t attend the meetings, so kudos to Yash for doing the chore from my side. I plan to compensate for the same in next week.

Also, this week I was learning docker (it might be helpful to M.A.R.S. in future, I’ve thought of something…), and prepared a small cheatsheet for the same. You can find my GitHub Gist on Docker here.

Should I continue with memes in blogs? WDYT?

Next week, we we’ll be pushing code in repo and continue the work on Standardization of Working Groups.



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