Coding Period 2: Week 7

We are into Week 7 of our 2nd coding period! The project has been going great so far. This week started with the mentor mentee meeting —

Since the Docker was now running rootless, we showed another demo to our mentors and it went great. Now our automation system was ready for the English release and we sent it for user testing via CHAOSS mailing list.

We had a new member in CHAOSS — Nico, and he was the first one to review it. He was successfully able to replicate and generate the PDF from MARS. Reviews from mentors and community members are due next week. We hope to improve the system based on community feedback.

This week I was mostly busy with some university stuff, so was a bit unproductive. While Yash was active in the translations community attending meetings and opening issues and PRs as we started working on MARS for translation parallely.

I made some minor changes in the READMEs of English release to make it more intuitive to the user, and also accommodating for the new active_user_inputcover.tex file.

Also, huge thanks to Kevin for completing the task of CHAOSS website migration. Following on this, I was able to standardize the Working Group Common by renaming all the focus-areas. We also saw addition of some new metrics in various working groups. Currently they are undergoing the review period and we’ll add them to our yml file as soon as they are finalized.

In the next week we plan to work on MARS for Chinese and Spanish translations. We need to make a separate yml file, separate scripts and a Docker image for the same.